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SAVL 2024 expression of interest


Men and Women Playing Volleyball

Preseason trainings

  • Open trainings for men and women interested in competing in the senior 2024 SAVL season

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm

  • Held at Trinity College South Hall (Located off of Volunteer Drive)

WE are currently taking expressions of interest for SAVL 2024 SENIORS

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The logo represents the patriotism of the northern area. The shield bears the Southern Cross and is guarded either side by red Kangaroos. Above the shield is a crown which represents the City of Elizabeth named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. The visual representation of the missile represents the close proximity to RAAF Base Edinburgh.


Daring | Cunning | Steadfast

Oppugnator Audaciassimus

In attack most daring

Defensor Callidissimus

In defence most cunning

Perfector Fortissimos

In endurance most steadfast


Black Ink Smear
Brush Stroke Illustration
Red Paint Brush Stroke

White the colour of integrity and fidelity. Maroon the colour of patriotism also reflects the wine and horticultural industry of the northern area. Steel blue has been incorporated into the logo and represents local manufacturing industries and our close proximity to RAAF Base Edinburgh and DSTO.

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Playford City

51 Barfield Crescent

Edinburgh North

South Australia


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